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We are proud to have Lynn Clark, a Denver Boudoir Photographer, as one of our amazing Wedding and Event Professionals. What Lynn does is amazing and a gift you can give your future husband! We hear all the time “What can I get my husband? Guys are so hard to buy for!” Well we promise your Fiancé, Husband, Partner, or whatever you call them will LOVE this! The Person he loves the most! Check out one of Denver’s best boudoir photographer’s story about why she photographs boudoir and how she started out below!
denver boudoir shootHow my own bridal boudoir experience turned me into a boudoir photographer

When I got married for the second time in 2009, I was a bit ahead of the curve. Peacock-themed wedding? Check! Turquoise shoes instead of white ones? Check! Cupcakes instead of cake? Check!

One trend I didn’t realize I had started (because I am such a trend-setter, just ask my 11-year-old daughter), was giving my husband-to-be a book of sexy photos of me on our wedding day.

intimate photography denverWhat a fun wedding night

About three months before my wedding, I was feeling great about my body. Like so many other brides, I was hitting the gym (or for me, the yoga studio) and watching what I ate almost to a point of obsession.  I thought, why not document my hotness and hard work in a way Steve and I both could enjoy?

A friend of mine had done some sexy photos for her anniversary, so I hired her photographer. Doing that shoot was nerve-wracking at first, but at the end I had so much fun that my glow—and self-confidence—lasted well beyond the session day.  Steve’s jaw may have dropped when he saw me in my dress, but it really dropped when he opened his album.

sexy pictures for my husbandBridal lingerie ignited a spark of inspiration

Fast forward exactly one year. I was a budding professional photographer shooting my first wedding for a friend. (She got married on my first anniversary, smart girl.) As she was getting her makeup done, I was in the suite’s bedroom doing detail shots when I spied her bridal lingerie. Idea! In a free moment, I proposed to take just a few photos of her in her bra and panties, on the bed. She blushed, thought about it for a beat, then agreed. We both giggled the whole way through. It was so fun for both of us!

When I delivered her wedding photos, I included a small album of her mini-boudoir session. She’s a tomboy, and she told me that she never really thought of herself as sexy … until she saw those portraits. She loved the wedding photos, but her expression changed completely when she saw her boudoir photos. She not only glowed, she glistened.

gift for groomThe Boudoir Studio is born

That was the moment I knew I had to help as many women as possible see themselves as beautiful, sexy creatures. I was a wedding photographer transformed into a boudoir photographer, and I started The Boudoir Studio at Lynn Clark Portraits in January 2011.

I’ve now been married for three years. And, I’ve done three boudoir sessions, each with a different photographer. I have to admit, I’m a bit addicted. Remembering how it feels to be in front of the camera in lingerie (or less) keeps me connected to my boudoir clients and helps me coach them through posing and expression. It also reminds me that I am sexy. Scratch that, I am hot. Steve doesn’t mind the photographic evidence, either.


I’ve photographed dozens of brides-to-be who have had the pleasure of watching their husband’s face light up over a sexy little album, and heard them say things like, “Wow! I can’t believe that’s me!” and “Damn, I’m hot!” Some have sent their bridesmaids – and one girl, her mother – to me to have the same experience.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re a bride-to-be, single or married for 25 years. If you’re a woman, you deserve to have amazing photos that celebrate and capture who you are as a woman.

gift for my husbandWant to do a bridal boudoir session with me?

Please schedule your session at least six weeks before the date you’d like to give your groom his album. My Hot Bride, Happy Husband package includes a Classic Boudoir Session (professional makeup with lashes, 2 outfits) and a 10-image Little Black Book. You can also upgrade your session and album, purchase digital collections and create beautiful canvas art for your own boudoir.

Schedule at, or 720-213-6476.
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