Addressing Invitations for Your Event – Proper etiquette for your wedding

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When addressing invitations, calligraphy is usually reserved for very special events. Whether it’s a religious ceremony, an important anniversary, a holiday party or your wedding, you want your guests to know how special your event will be and how special they are to have been invited.

Sometimes we find ourselves faced with budget constraints and there just isn’t enough money for all the great details we would like to include, such as calligraphy. Or there may be enough money, but we find it difficult to justify ‘frivolous’ expenses. Either way, if you’ve decided to forgo the expense of calligraphy for your invitations, here are your options:

1)      If you have nice handwriting, you can address the invitations yourself and they will be wonderful.

2)      If you have a friend or family member with nice handwriting, you can ask them to address the invitations for you.

With either of these options, remember to allow plenty of time for yourself to get those invitations done. It takes a lot longer than you think!

Now you’re probably wondering what you shouldn’t do. Some people consider using labels for their invitations to save time and the strain of a hand cramp, but the unanimous decision among event professionals, family members, friends and acquaintances is that this is indicative of junk mail. In other words, they may not take your event seriously.

It is better to receive a hand written invitation in less-than-perfect handwriting, than to receive one addressed with a label. It shows that the sender cares enough to personalize the invitation for his/her guests, which translates into the care in which they will put into their event.



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