5 Strategies to keep the BAM! in your love life

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October 9: 6:30pm-8pm


Crazy-Awesome Relationship Guidance:

5 strategies to keep the BAM! in your love life


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 About this 90 minutes of awesomeness:  We all know that the divorce rate is at about 50% and many of us have walked with our friends and family through first marriages and first divorces…so how do you make your relationship different? What does it take to be the 50% that does not just stay together but that THRIVES together?

In this dynamic 90 minute workshop, you will learn:

1) How to identify your relationship strengths
2) How to identify your stuck places
3) Clear strategies to getting un-stuck in those stuck places
4) Proven methods to improve or radically change your relationships now
Space is limited to register today for this FREE relationship conversation-presentation! Register online at: http://jennyglicklmft.fullslate.com/services/80
Jenny Glick | Couples Specialist {Trulife Studios Elite Professional}
I have worked with struggling families professionally for over 15 years…but it wasn’t until I got married myself that I really understood the unique and painful places that relationships can take us. Since then, almost 13 years later, I have been passionate about working with people so that they can have the loving and rewarding relationships that they want…with themselves and with others!
As a wife and a mother of a child with a chronic illness, I have experienced first-hand the ways that life can throw a wrench into our plans for the happily-ever-after. As a therapist, I have the education and access to the theories and latest practices that claim to improve relationships. And as a person devoted to a daily spiritual practice, I have a deep connection to the Light that grounds all that I do. It is my privilege to share my experience and knowledge to support you to get into the life and relationships that you desire.




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