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In this series, we’ll explore the expert vendors that make up Trulife Studios. Today, Kelley with Kelley Kakes talks about why cakes are more than a sweet treat and what makes her creations, pardon the pun, take the cake!

Business Description, services provided, what is your specialty? Kelley Kakes is a boutique wedding and specialty cake company creating costume cakes, sugar flowers and cake toppers. We specialize in the unique.

When and Why did you start you business? I started professionally making cakes in 2003 after a couple of years of doing them for fun. In 2005 I ramped it up due to my new single mom status. I was determined to be able to support my children with out sacrificing our time together. I became quite adapt to functioning on just a few hours of sleep.

What or Who inspires you? Colette Peters is the cake artist who originally inspired me to think beyond the traditional wedding cake. I am a self taught cake artists that with the help of Colette’s instruction books was able to create beautiful sugar flowers and structures; not to mention how to bake really great tasting (and moist!) cake. Duff Goldman is also an early inspiration; I can proudly say “I knew him when” as I was fortunate enough to get to know him before Ace of Cakes. I appreciate that he does not think making cake equates to solving world peace.


Do you have an advice for any newly engaged couples? Inject your personality into your wedding!

List one quirky thing about you no one knows: No one knows?? That’s a tough one as I’m a pretty open with my quirkiness. Hmmm… When I was a kid, I name all male dolls and pets “Joshua”, which is what I named my son, too. I suppose I really liked the name Joshua.

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What is one thing newly engaged couples should know about your profession? We cake artists feel blessed to be doing what we’re doing. This can be a tough job; long hours, lots of driving, lots of late nights! But, we love it. Not only do I get to make art for a living, but I get to be a sweet part of their big day. That’s pretty wonderful.


What is your favorite part about a wedding? The cake cutting, of course!

For more information about Kelley Kakes please visit them online or find them on Facebook. We are proud to have her as one of our elite professionals at Trulife Studios



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