Meet our Wedding Pros: Junebug Productions | Colorado Springs Photo booth

Meet Angee owner of Junebug Productions who’s specialty is a interactive Colorado Springs Photo booth. You can visit her website here.

Business Description, services provided, what is your specialty?
Our PartyStudio is one of the most unique “photo booth”-type services in the country. We offer either a Photo package including prints on site and a slideshow of all the shots shown on a wall or big screen at the event OR a Slow-Mo Video package with the slow-motion captured footage shown at the event in the same way. We include props for either choice, and our staff is there to interact with guests, making sure they have fun in the PartyStudio and that the imagery we capture is the best it can me.  No pictures of a guest holding the remote with a confused look on their face! Our specialty really is our interaction with the guests and our unique format.


Photo Credit: Kristi Williams Photography
Who are your clients?
Our clients realize the value of adding components to their event that are meant to facilitate fun and memories. Whether for a wedding, a graduation party, a 50th birthday or a fund-raiser, our PartyStudio doesn’t just provide images from the event – it amps up the fun and energy during the event because of the live slideshow and video footage.


When and Why did you start your business?
We started our business doing event videography in 2004. Our services have changed as just this year we made the difficult decision to discontinue videography and focus on the PartyStudio, but our philosophy hasn’t changed. We found a need that was lacking in the event industry and matched it with our passion for memories and families as well as technology. What we do flourishes under a combination of technology and creativity, which I’m just realizing right now is parallel to my husband’s and my relationship. Poetic, isn’t it? It was the same with filming weddings and it remains the same for our PartyStudio projects. 10 years strong in the “wedding and event” industry, and we’re not anywhere near tired of it.

Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples?
All the decisions and advice are so overwhelming. Find a trusted source or two for information and make boundaries…just walk through the steps. For this and a million more reasons, a professional coordinator should be decision #1… ok, #2 after “Yes!.” Brides and families don’t realize that a professional coordinator is a minimal investment when you consider what they provide: budget guidance, contract and pricing negotiations, various sundries that might be available through them at little or no cost (décor, etc), stress relief, expert guidance through all decisions, artistic vision and practical execution, and memory enhancement. What does that mean? I’ve seen first-hand the amount of quality time with wedding party, family members, and guests that my couples have when they’ve hired a professional coordinator as opposed to not (or having a friend “coordinate”). It’s the difference between me capturing tears of stress that I have to cut out of their film or tears of joy as they are able to truly live in the moments of their day.

List one quirky or fun endearing thing about you?
I still remember this crazy rap from the 80’s about Butterfingers candy-bar. And I can’t stand them. If all the sweets and treats were Butterfingers, I would be a size two. But I can get down with that rap like a bad mamma-jamma.
What is one thing newly engaged couples should know about your service?
Photobooth-schmotobooth… pretty typical. But, if you can imagine the difference in your party as your guests watch everyone being adorable or silly or CRAZY in the slideshow – up on a big screen for all to see… Then you might start to understand why the PartyStudio is so special. Your photographer will be able to get fantastic natural smiles of joy and laughter as folks watch the slideshow from the dance floor. Just this week, one of our brides from a couple years ago lost her grandpa. I remember the MOB and her sisters dragging him, with his oxygen tank, into the PartyStudio for pictures. The MOB had told me that night, “My dad is such a crotchety old fart. We had to drag him in there and now we can’t get him out! I haven’t seen him crack a smile in 20 years!” They have priceless shots of the sisters and their dad with a smile on his face that they would never have had otherwise.
What is your favorite part about a wedding?
Seeing all the differences that help me get to know the couple and their personality – whether components of the ceremony with family or religious traditions or the décor, speeches, and unique touches to the events of the reception.



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  1. Tina Joiner says:

    I love your Party Studio!! I will definitely recommend you to all of my clients. 🙂