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Meet Dawn owner of Hillside Consultants, who is an amazing Colorado Springs florist. You can visit her website here.

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Business Description, services provided, what is your specialty? Hillside Consultants is a full service fresh floral design studio specializing in boutique style arrangements for all events including weddings. I started the studio in 2002 with the desire to bring high quality fresh floral designs custom tailored for each and every event, working with all budget ranges. After having worked for several shops including heading up the wedding department at several, I knew I wanted to have a floral studio that focused on each individual person rather than the bottom line. I pride myself on making a bride cry with happiness and awe when she sees her bouquet. I always feel a huge sense of honor when I am allowed to design for special occasions like a wedding. To me, it isn’t about what I can get for my work, rather it is about what I can do to make your day even more than you ever dreamed it could be. I honestly don’t know how many times I have teared up when I see my bride in her gown holding the bouquet I made just for her. I have been a professional designer for 26 years and I truly cannot imagine doing anything else with the talent that I have been given.

My studio can provide as little or as much as any event needs to create the atmosphere that any client is wishing for. Flowers, rentals, full service décor. If we don’t have it, we will get it for you!


Who are your clients?

My clients range from the bride who wants a simple back yard wedding to the most elaborate hotel ballroom gala, but all have one thing in common: They want the best possible fresh floral designs with a hands on design team who will oversee every detail every step of the way. Nothing is “cookie cutter”-all is unique and specifically designed for that event. I also design on site for several venues including The Falcon Club at the Air Force Academy. I literally order in the florals and décor pieces needed and go to the Club where I design on site for their various events such as their large Thanksgiving feast that they host every year. In addition, I create unique designs for several charity events with The Glass Slipper Ball being one of the largest every January.

 What or Who inspires you?

My inspirations come from all over! I have a degree in art history specializing in the Baroque and Renaissance time periods. I am constantly reading, researching and immersing myself in everything to do with art and design. I have had the honor and privilege to actually see many of the historical art pieces I know and love. Everything from walking the streets of ancient Pompeii to weeping in front of The Pieta in The Vatican, I have taken those experiences and use them when I design. I don’t just use design mechanics in my work, rather, I use my emotions and try to convey the beauty that I have seen and continue to see around me through flowers.


Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples?

My best advice for newly engaged couples is this: Take your time and really do your research when looking at floral designers for your wedding. Interview at least 2-3 to find the best fit for you and your wedding. It is easy to get caught up in budgets and the excitement, but a floral designer who has their heart in their business will work with you on all aspects of your décor and will be able to easily suggest ways to help you achieve your vision within that budget. And, you will find that your designer will become more than your florist. They will become your friend who will make you feel as if you are the only bride they have!

 What is one of your guilty pleasures?

My guilty pleasure is actually a rather simple one. I love to eat and have had some amazing meals all over the world, but one of my favorite things to do is to heat up a cheap frozen pizza, put on my track suit, tune into a good movie such as Harry Potter and eat the entire pizza! Not so great for the waist line, but oh, it sure does the heart and soul good to just have that little moment in a busy world to enjoy a cheap pizza in comfy clothes while watching a movie I have seen over and over again!

What is one thing newly engaged couples should know about your service?

One thing engaged couples should know about my services is that when I design your wedding, all the flowers and product used are ordered in just for your wedding. I buy flowers from all over the world and pride myself on getting only the best possible on the market. So, when I show up with your floral designs, those flowers are not only the best and freshest available, they are yours and yours alone!

What is your favorite part about a wedding?

My favorite part of any wedding is interacting with everyone that day! Seeing the bride in her gown, talking to the father of the bride, joking with the oftentimes nervous groom to calm him down a little, oohing over the cute flower girl in her twirly dress and giggling with the bride’s mother over the personal details that she has to surprise her daughter with. To me, it is not only about the beautiful flowers I bring to the wedding, it is about the people and the special moments of that day.



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