Tips from a Planner: The Rain Plan

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Planning a wedding is just that: planning. You spend months picking details, ironing out timelines, and assembling a team of professional to help your day go as smoothly as possible (and you try to have fun doing it!). But there are a few things you can’t account for, no matter how hard you try. The biggest one, especially if you’re getting married in the mountains, is the weather. What’s a bride to do if there’s rain on her wedding day? Lauren Ripko of Quintessential Weddings & Events has a few tips that will help you keep your chin up and your toes as dry as possible. After all, every bride needs a wedding rain plan.

Always have a back-up plan (and make sure your vendors know what it is)

Even if the Farmer’s Almanac says it hasn’t rained on your wedding day for the past 10 years, you should always have a rain plan just in case. When you’re booking your venue, make sure you love the inside option as much as the outside option. But don’t just forget about it. Actually put together a just-in-case timeline, and share it with your vendors so that they know what the rain contingencies are. It will be much easier to make a call to move everything indoors if everyone is already on the same page. Most rental companies will let you put a tent on hold, and you can either have it installed or cancel it a few days before your wedding if the skies look like they will clear. Some venues prefer to wait it out and will dry off chairs or hand out umbrellas, but others need to know a few hours before you’re scheduled to start so they have time to set the room accordingly.

Think of your guests.

If rain is in the forecast, grab some umbrellas for your guests, either from your hotel or at the local Walmart or Target. They’ll appreciate the thought and, more importantly, they’ll be more willing to stand outside with you if you choose to weather the sprinkles.

Be flexible and trust the pros.

No one wants it to rain buckets on their wedding day, just like no one wants to spend the day alongside a grumpy bride. When the weather acts up, it puts a kink in everyone’s day, so remember that staying calm and flexible can take a day from disastrous to delightful, even as the clouds roll in. Your vendors are very familiar with all sorts of weather situations at events. They’re pros and have been through it all! Trust what they are telling you and know that they have your best interest in mind. Your planner will know how badly you want to be outside, and will be working to make that happen for you, but sometimes it just can’t be done. Know that it will still be an incredible day, no matter where your feet are dancing.

Make the most of it!

Pick up a cute umbrella, grab some fabulous Wellies, and have fun! There are some amazing photos and memories that come from jumping in puddles and going with the flow. At the wedding above, we spent the whole day in four inches of water, crossing our fingers that the tornado warnings would be just warnings. We were a mess by the end of the day, but the bride loved every second of it. After all, they say rain on your wedding day is good luck!

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  1. Great post, Lauren! I think you covered all of the bases! Well done!