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Business Description, services provided, what is your specialty?

A Love Tale rents unique and vintage furniture, props and china for weddings, parties and photoshoots. We also offer styling services, custom decor and custom bridal accessories.
We don’t just have wedding rentals we have props for family and baby shoots too. Our collection is vast and increases ever week.

Who are your clients?

Our clients are Wedding Planners, Photographers & Brides & Grooms.


When and Why did you start your business?

About 3 years ago we designed my daughters wedding, that same summer we had 3 other weddings and I realized we could really make a go of this.

What or Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by uniqueness, both in people and things. I want to show brides and grooms that they should feel good in their own skin. I find beauty in our differences.
I love being creative, I always see the potential in things.
I’m always obsessing about the details.

Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples?

My advice about wedding planning for newly engaged couples is “Set a budget!”

What is one of your guilty pleasures?

My guilty pleasure is something I get to do as part of my job, SHOPPING!

What is one thing newly engaged couples should know about your service?

I think newly engaged couples should know that A Love Tale can provide one special piece for their engagement shoot or decorate their whole wedding. We offer beautiful additions to a wedding/ photoshoot for all budgets , we offer design services too.

What is your favorite part about a wedding?

My favorite part of a wedding is the reveal, if the couple has not seen each other. That look… there is nothing like it.

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