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Who are you? What is your specialty? What are you passionate about? What do you stand for? What or Who inspires you? What is one of your guilty pleasures?
I’m Penny. I am a destination wedding & intimate portrait photographer based out of Manitou Springs. More importantly, I’m a human being who loves taking hikes with my beloved and our 2 pups, listening to live music, binge-watching Stranger Things, drinking red wine based on how cool the labels are, reading everything, writing in my journal, and taking long drives in the high country. My spirit animal is champagne. I’ve spent the past 29 years married to the best man I’ve ever met and together we have raised 5 children and celebrate 9 grand babies. I travel the world photographing life and love.

I’ve been photographing weddings for over 12 years now; full-time since 2011. As a military (US Coast Guard) wife since 1989- I have gotten to travel all over the world while growing my business.  This creates unique challenges but it has also opened the door to the destination photography aspect of my business. I recently made the move back to Colorado (where I was born and raised) after the past 8 years building an award-winning studio in Juneau, Alaska.  My primary income came from Seniors in Alaska but the move to Colorado has closed that door and opened the door more fully to Love & Intimacy- so I am going with it.  I still shoot seniors, professional head shots, maternity, & births but it is not my primary business.  I rarely photograph family portraits- not my jam.

I’m not about those stiff awkward “prom” poses because (let’s be real) those suck and I never want to make my clients feel like they’re a giant barbie & ken that I am posing. I want them to feel like themselves in their photos and love in real-life in front of my camera. I’m about the playful, juicy, sarcastic, teasing, loving, soft, fun, and awkward love that they have. My intimate portraiture is tasteful, authentic, and super sexy.

Who are your clients?

My clients are passionate, progressive, outdoorsy people… generally.  They value photography as art and they love, connect and feel deeply.

When and Why did you start your business?
I began freelancing in 2000, while I was raising my brood.  I like that I could set my schedule and keep my focus on raising my family.  As the kids grew- my business grew, in kind.  By the time I was down to 2 kids at home- I worked full-time in my own studio, had a year waiting list, and was winning awards- traveling, teaching and mentoring.

Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples?

I always have advice- as I am also a licensed life coach and worked exclusively with young married couples for over 10 years.  My advice is:
Put more time and energy into building a beautiful MARRIAGE than a beautiful wedding.  The wedding day should be a reflection of the joy you have in your relationship and should be authentic to what you love in life.

What is one thing newly engaged couples should know about your service?

I provide romantic, full-hearted photography service to couples but I also want them to feel valued, cared-for, and relaxed with me.  I feel like a wedding photographer needs to be able to provide 50% epic imagery and 50% good people skills!  The best photography in the world cannot overcome a photographer that makes people feel awkward, on-edge, or anxious.


What is your favorite part about a wedding?

Easy one…  the bride and groom session!  I don’t care if it happens in a first look, between the wedding and the reception, or at an ‘Adventure Session’ the week following the wedding.  I love it when a couple gets to relax into a deep kiss or just look into one another’s eyes and take it all in! 


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