Meet Our Wedding Pros | The Little Caker

Who are you? What is your specialty?

My name is Kasandra Gaiser and I am a self taught cake artist. I specialize in unique and custom cake designs that have never been seen before.

What are you passionate about? What do you stand for? I take pride in making sure each and every cake is done with great detail and passion. I also want to ensure my clients have a custom design and an exceptional experience from the time they order to the time they take the first bite.

Who are your clients? Wedding Couples, Event Coordinators, Corporate Companies.

When and Why did you start your business? I started The Little Caker in 2014. I have always been interested in all forms of art, I just happened to find my medium in sugar work!

What or Who inspires you? So many different artists inspire me from cake artists to sculptors. I am inspired by color schemes, architecture, floral arrangements, centerpieces, and the dress! Right now, I am finding home decor is my favorite place to draw inspiration.

Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples? I would tell them not to get caught up in the details. So many people spend so much time arranging the perfect wedding ceremony that they forget that the day is about them.

What is one of your guilty pleasures? A good glass of wine with great friends.

What is one thing newly engaged couples should know about your service? I strive to make every client feel at ease when going though the consultation process. I love helping my clients come up with new and innovative designs and flavors. We start with inspirations and dive right into sketches. I want the experience of designing their very own custom cake to be something they will always remember fondly when they look back on planning their wedding day.

What is your favorite part about a wedding? The cake cutting of course!

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