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Bradley Herbst Wedding Photographer

Who are you?

I am a creative soul with an upbeat and engaging personality.  Many years of evolving into the person I am today with continued growth always moving me forward.  I love laughing with great friends, getting up into the mountains to hike, camp and ski as well as hitting some concerts at Red Rocks, Rockies game and looking to attend my first Broncos game…hint hint you season tickets holders! 😉

What is your specialty?

I’m actually quite diverse in my abilities so I’d like to think that is my specialty…the ability to adapt to any situation in relation to wedding photography.  I’m adept with natural light but also technically driven when the need for flash photography arises. Just a little kiss of flash though, not overpowering. When you have very soft, romantic lighting at a venue, knowing how to adjust your shooting style with flash to provide just enough light to capture the moment and keep the ambiance and design of the wedding in tact.

What are you passionate about?

Family and friends first!  I love spending quality time with those close to me and try to play hard because I sure do work hard.  Passion as it relates to work…I’m passionate about capturing those fleeting moments during a bride and groom’s wedding day.  It’s a large undertaking of trust that clients impart upon me. With all of the moving parts during a wedding, I love using all of my talents to capture the day:  solid prep, my gift of a creative eye, technical chops, years of experience, and an engaging personality that connects me with the couple…that’s why they hired me 😉

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What do you stand for?

I believe in being a true professional in an industry where, well…it’s at times hard for clients to weed through the clutter.  Good work stands out as the end result being beautiful photographs but beyond that, I pride myself in being at the top of my game with the business of being a professional wedding photographer.  No ego here…confidence, yes but always a team player.

Who are your clients?

My ideal clients want amazing images to remember all the happenings on their big day of course…but I tend to book couples who are outgoing, fun, and their whole wedding being full of great folks who in the end, are there for a celebration of this couple, family and friends.

That said, I’ve booked plenty of other types of couples including the more shy folks who may just need a little nudge in order to exude all of those wonderful feelings that really do show in the final images I capture.

When and Why did you start your business?

I shot my first wedding in 2005 and when I was in the thick of photographing their big day, I got goose pimples!  The challenge of capturing this wonderful event for the bride and groom inspired me and when I saw the look on the bride and grooms faces upon seeing their photos…well, I was hooked.

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What or Who inspires you?

Entrepreneurs inspire me!  To take the leap to be your own boss can be daunting but I’ve enjoyed every minute…AND, I’m now taking that leap for the second time! I built up my business in the Los Angeles market then for life reasons moved to Colorado so yep…starting over.  

It’s exciting and I relish every moment as I get to put into play all of the facets that worked for me in LA and now adapting, learning and improving.  Bringing this full circle about entrepreneurs, I read and watch what leading pros are doing in our industry and beyond with inspirational leaders across many industries…keeps me moving forward!

Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples?

ENJOY YOUR ENGAGEMENT!   Hire a great wedding planner ASAP!  Being engaged can be a really enjoyable time in your life…that ring is beautiful!  Enjoy being with each other and dreaming about your big day, but let a professional planner guide you along the way.  Of course you will still need to form a budget and make key decisions but tap into the designer and event producer brain of your planner and you will enjoy the time leading up to your wedding…no stress!

What is one of your guilty pleasures?

Chicago deep dish pizza!  Also, in very northern Illinois where I grew up there is a certain way we made thin crust that is amazing!  A crispy crust with seasonings underneath so your tongue gets that great taste as well as all the ingredients within…OH! And it’s “box cut” in squares so my fav is those little triangle pieces that you get where the round shape meets square cut 😉

What is one thing newly engaged couples should know about your service?

The process of interviewing and hiring your photographer should be easy!  Let’s find time to grab coffee and get to know one another. I’m super easy going, friendly and want to learn what you envision your wedding day to look like in person and thus in your photographs.  Once I know all that you are seeking and we find we get along nicely, the rest is a breeze!

When you are comfortable with your photographer, those special feelings of romance, love, friendship and dreams all come streaming through my lens…trust me, it matters!  I love shooting engagement sessions for just this reason because an engagement shoot is a time for you two to play, laugh, be romantic and spend a couple of hours with me.  Then when the wedding comes…that comfort level has already been established.

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My Style:  I shoot in a very clean manner and know how to “find the light”, shape it in ways that make my couples and their guests look amazing.  I don’t “lacquer” my images in some forced “filtered” look. Every wedding is different, every bride, groom, venue, design, sunny, cloudy, etc.  I capture moments with perfect exposures and I’m super anal in my editing, addressing every little detail on every image. Once we have a beautiful color photograph, of course I provide some custom black & whites, sepias or other custom edit options I have up my sleeve.

What is your favorite part about a wedding?

Oh man!  Tough one…so many moments to choose from…but I’d say for me as the photographer, the bride and grooms photos portion.  The ceremony is over, no pressure, just relax and create some amazing images together.

Anything else you want to add

I love First Looks!  For a few reasons:   

First, we get to design a very artful, choreographed scene where a bride and groom get to build up anticipation and see each other for the first time.  We capture every angle with two and sometimes a third photographer so these images can build a little story.

Second, the couple gets a “Two for One” in my opinion.  “What do you mean Brad?” Well, even though yes, the couple has seen each other before the ceremony, trust me, the First Look was super fun but now it’s been an hour and the ceremony still hasn’t started…the nerves start to kick in and the couple sort of forgets about the First Look.  Now the groom is at the altar and here comes his bride! They get to see other for the “First Time” again when emotions are in full gear in front of family and friends!

Third, since the couple has seen each other before the ceremony, we can try to knock out a few more of the mixed family combination photos.  Then after the ceremony there will be less numbers of family combination photos to do and leave more time for the couple’s special photo session.  There is less pressure as we already have the first look in the bag and can really focus on a few more special set-ups at the location. And…get to the grand entrance with time to spare!

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