Doug Treiber Photography


Simply put, we are storytellers. We want our images to tell the story of two amazing people who are together and in love. When you look back on your photographs many years from now, we want those images to provide a snapshot of your life that takes you back to the places you went, things you enjoyed, and the family and friends you loved. Your images are meant to give you a glimpse into the little moment of your lives. That glimpse contains your engagement shoot, rehearsal dinner, and your wedding… we want to be there to capture it all; your families, your lives, your love.

Rachel Schrepel, Wedding Photographer


Sentimental wedding photographer for independent and sophisticated couples. I believe in sending unexpected, hand-written notes in the mail to people I love. I believe in overdressing in elegance from an earlier time. Pearls and lace are the perfect compliment. I believe that being together is better, marriage is worth fighting for; there are no back up plans or escape clauses. I believe love says you will be there no matter what because growing up together is the real adventure. Holding hands never grows old and the heart has no wrinkles.


Melissa Brielle Photography


Hi there, I’m Melissa! I am a wife, dog mommy, and an artist. I am a Colorado native, animal enthusiast, and lover of all things pretty. I am also very girly, so if we ever meet up for coffee you can know with confidence I’m the gal wearing anything floral print or blush haha!

I am all about authenticity. When my clients see photos of themselves they feel like it captures who they are as both an individual and as a couple. Sessions with me are to capture the essence of YOU, and the love you feel for each other. 
Colorado Springs is my home town and where I hold my beautiful boudoir studio for all you powerful ladies. I travel all over Colorado to capture mountain weddings, and also serve Arizona weddings Nov-May of each year



Sarah Roshan, Wedding Photographer


Romantic mountain weddings for carefree couples.  I believe all true beauty lives in imperfection. I believe love is best as an adventure, because surprises should always be shared. I believe you are the most beautiful when you smile. I believe in falling in love, over and over. Every. Single. Day.